While ladders don’t noticeably wear out as other tools will, they definitely do need to be inspected regularly and replaced when their lifespan ends. You should always check your ladders before use for cracks, bends or breaks in any part of the ladder. If you find any of these defects, do not use the ladder and tag it for removal and replacement, regardless of how “new” the ladder may look or be. Remember that there is no expiration date for ladders, so as long as you follow proper storage techniques and treat it with care, your ladder could last you an extremely long time.

It is important to do ladder maintenance upon completion of ladder usage as below:

1) Keep all ladders and ladder accessories maintained in good condition at all times.
2) Store all ladders in a secure place upon usage.
3) Withdraw damaged ladders immediately from service for repair or destruction.
4) Never store ladders unmanaged and in stacking position.
5) Keep the ladders free of oil, grease, or slippery materials all the time by cleaning frequently.

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