Importance Points on Ladder inspection

No matter how skilled you are in ladder use, a damaged, unsafe ladder can let you down. Even if you follow all the usual safety protocols, such as keeping three points of contact at all times, if your ladder fails, you too will be at risk. With this in mind, we wanted to double-check the importance of scheduling regular ladder inspections. Keeping your kit safe and in full working order is as important as following all the usual health and safety rules yourself.

Always keep in mind to inspect the ladder before and after usage.

When planning a safety meeting or safety moment about ladder inspections, don’t forget to emphasize these important points.

We hope that you take care of your health and safety practices at work whether you use a ladder on a regular basis, or not. Here at Step by Step, we care about your safety while working with ladders. Remember to always inspect your ladder before you every single use. Contact or WhatsApp us today and we’ll do everything we can to help you in terms of ladder safety and inspection.