Material Matters

It is important to consider what material your ladder is made from. Ladderhub offers ladders made from both fiberglass and aluminum. However, ladder is made from various kind of material where each material offers unique benefits suited to particular conditions, applications, or preferences.

Aluminum ladders are lightweight and resistant to moisture and corrosion. However, they can conduct heat and electricity, and therefore should never be used near electricity. Aluminum ladders are suitable for both industrial and household usage.
Fibreglass ladders are heavier than aluminium in terms of weight. They are both moisture and corrosion resistant, and are non-conductors of heat and electricity. It has high visibility in colour and suitable for industrial usage
Timber ladders are having similar characteristics as fiberglass ladders where they are non-conductors of electricity and it is recommended for industrial application yet current ladder market does not use timber ladder due to it is non environmental friendly material and higher is price.
Steel ladders are strong and well-suited to heavy-duty weighted projects. However, they are not moisture or corrosion resistant, and are conductors of both heat and electricity.