Ladder Spare parts – Wear and Tear

Before every use, a ladder must be examined if it has any obvious flaws. A ladder may encounter circumstances while in use that could harm it. It will not be safe to use a ladder with damaged integrity. Likewise, every ladder has its own wear and tear parts and it requires to be changed for a certain period such as :

  • Rubber shoes
  • Hinge
  • Castor wheels

Even though ladders are one of the most often used tools in the home or many occupations and businesses, many people are unaware if the ladder shouldn’t be damaged, have a structural weakness, be missing any parts or have any loose pieces. That’s why it is better for you to do a personal check before using it.

Ladder manufacturers may offer ladder repairing services too if the ladder has slight damage subject to the capability of the manufacturer. 

Rubber Shoes



Castor Wheels

Therefore, instead of buying a brand-new ladder, you can save costs by getting ladder spare parts! For more information on our spare parts or any type of ladders that we supply, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at +603-3343 8895 or you can WhatsApp us now.