Aluminium Platform Trolley Ladder (PTL)

Ladder for general usage

150kg Working Load

Heavy duty series ladder that works well for industrial application

Available Steps

3 – 10 Steps

Available Working Height

9 ft – 16 ft

In order to do your job safely and effectively, you need to make sure you have the right working height.

To know what is working height, click here.

Foldable and Space Saving

Comes with castor wheel that makes it easy to handle

Solid Safety Guardrail

Protect you while you are at work

Easy Climbing

Anti-slip handrail for firm hand gripping

Convenient Working Area

Large checker plate platform for comfortable working area

Solid Internal Spreader Hinge

Spreader hinge to connect and lock the ladder while in use

Left No Stain on your Floor!

Non-marking castor wheel with bigger rubber shoes

Safety Features

Keep yourself Alert on Safety!

We paste safety label stickers to educate user on the Do’s and Don’ts

Additional Secure Locking
Ladder is securely locked on platform area too
Comfortable Climbing Experience
Anti-slip steps features
3 inches width in size
The right size for you to step on
1 feet of Step Interval
Convenient gap for you to climb from one step to another
Stronger Floor grip and Prolonged Usage
Durable rubber shoes

Product Highlight

Smooth Cleaning from Dirt
Our ladder comes in clean and smooth finishing
No Recycle Material!
Manufactured with a strong grade of aluminium alloy
Accessories Availability
Tool Box, Safety Gate, Toe Box, Bottom Support Spring Loaded Castor Wheels and Leg Stabilizer
Spare Parts Available!

Maintenance and Repairing here in Malaysia!

Each Step and It’s Working Height

WPL02 (W)
2 Steps
Working Height:
WPL03 (W)
3 Steps
Working Height:
WPL04 (W)
4 Steps
Working Height:
*Disclaimer: Working height is calculated based on 6' man height

Table of Product Specification

(L x W x H)mm
PTL03 3 3’ 6’3” 9’ 12.29 2065 x 670 x 270
PTL04 4 4’ 7’3” 10’ 13.68 2370 x 700 x 270
PTL05 5 5’ 8’3” 11’ 15.37 2675 x 730 x 270
PTL06 6 6’ 9’2" 12’ 16.93 2980 x 760 x 270
PTL07 7 7’ 10’2" 13’ 18.42 3280 x 795 x 270
PTL08 8 8’ 11’2" 14’ 20.37 3585 x 830 x 270
PTL09 9 9’ 12’2" 15’ 22.63 3890 x 860 x 270
PTL10 10 10’ 13’1" 16’ 24.02 4195 x 890 x 270


* Inches stands for ”

*Disclaimer: Working height is calculated based on 6ft man height

It is important to choose the right ladders for you and your family safety. Want to know why? Watch below video to find out more

Safety is #1 Priority!

Wrong ladder usage can lead to trouble

Table of Product Specification

*Disclaimer: Working height is calculated based on 6ft man height