Cat Ladder with Handrail

150kg Working Load

Suitable to access to mezzanine floor, storage & etc

Available Height

8 ft to 23 ft

Remarks: Subject to customer required length

Cat Ladder Specification

Rung Width (RW)
360mm (Min) – 450mm (Max)
Rung Interval (RI)
Rung Shape
Round rung with anti slip features
Accessories for handrail
Accessories for Cage
Accessories for Bracket

Bracket Component for
Cat Ladder (Basic)

Material : Aluminium Die Cast

Bracket Component

Floor Bracket
Install on the floor to strengthen the structure of cat ladder.
Top and Bottom Bracket
Install at the top and bottom of the cat ladder.

Available Length :
6.5ft, 7.5ft, 9.5ft
Centre Bracket
Install to hold cat ladder in position. Each 4ft, apply a pair of centre bracket.

Available Length :
6.5ft, 7.5ft, 9.5ft
90 Degree Joint
Use for cat ladder handrail part

Cat Ladder Guidance for your Building


Knowing the purpose and usage of cat ladder for your building.


Measure the height and width of the area at your building that you want to install the cat ladder.


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