Climbing a Ladder

Step by Step - What is body height?

Body height is a height of a human body or in other words, a body height is the height of the ladder’s user.

Step by Step - What is platform height?

Platform height is the height at which the platform is either to step on or to place your working tools – in other words, the distance between the platform and the ground.

Step by Step - What is ladder height

Ladder height is a height from ground to the top of a ladder.

Step by Step - What is working height?

Working height refers to where your maximum reach is.

Step by Step - What is ceiling height?

Ceiling height means the vertical distance between the floor and the ceiling height but at some point, ceiling height can also be refer as working height.

Step by Step - Choose The Right Ladder

In order to do your job safely, you need to choose the right ladder. Watch below video, to know more.

Step by Step - Does width and length when ladder if fully opened really matters while working?

Yes. Ladder width and length needs to smaller than the working area width so that you can work with peace of mind and comfortable to move the ladder around.

Step by Step - What is the maximum steps that I can climb on my ladder?

Do not step on the last 3 steps so that you can keep your body balance.

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